Week 6 Question – Lukes

In their introduction to their ‘Cronocaos’ exhibition, OMA laid out a series of ambiguities and contradictions surrounding the idea of preservation. I found one of these to be intriguing considering the voice saying it as well as the intended audience to hear it:

“Through preservation’s ever-increasing ambitions, the time lag between new construction and the imperative to preserve has collapsed from two thousand years to almost nothing. From retrospective, preservation will soon become prospective, forced to take decisions for which it is entirely unprepared.”

Considering Mr. Koolhaas and OMA are such an influential pillar in the architectural industry’s dialogue and self-reflection, what could be the message to disciplines not immediately concerned with preservation? The idea that longevity should be considered (or, for temporary construction, at least acknowledged) in design and architecture may seem obvious, but is it? How can this be communicated in both a theoretical and practical context to disciplines responsible for design, construction, funding, and management of sites that will/may be formally preserved in the future?


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