Evaluating Creative Placemaking

Creative Placemaking advocates an evolution of cities that focuses on public, private and NGO partnerships among others. Using these sectors, as well as existing infrastructure the initiative is to mold communities without pricing out existing residents. Many of these projects are artist based and use local businesses to work from the ground up. This method, however, creates a scenario in which measuring successes is difficult. As the method is noble, and the project succeeds because it is integrally value based, how can it expand, and how can its successes be measured? Is it even worth it to measure the successes because of the nature of the project? Moving forward, Creative Placemaking should play a central role in the evolution of cities, especially as millennials continue the trend of moving back to urban centers, but its impacts are difficult to quantify. Moreover, how can specific components like preservation be measured considering that there are a multitude of factors that go into placemaking?



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