Week 5 Question – Lukes

Kaufman makes an argument, when the author is discussing transnationalism, about the importance of cultural geography that transverses existing borders. Further discussion is given to the ‘layering’ of culture, or rather the existence of separate histories and narratives inhabiting the same space. This, in my view, can become a hazard to official documentation and nomination as historic sites. Due to the nature of nominating sites for historic designation, there requires a certain amount of focus or selective investigation into a physical location. However, how can we be certain we are not ignoring one part of historical context in order to focus on another that occurred at the same place but was distinct? This is addressed to a degree in the Stonewall nomination, which discusses the history of Greenwich Village as a historic site but adds a degree of resolution by nominating a site whose stated significance lasted 6 days. I what ways can we use this as an example to further a narrative that encompasses a larger site, a longer timeframe, or a more diverse community?


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