Ty’s Reading Question Week 5

In Chapter 3, Kaufman discusses why the National Park Service needs a Cultural Heritage Assessment, and in what context. After an in depth survey of how the NPS can change their representation of cultural heritage, Kaufman states that “what national government can do that no one else can do is to carry out official heritage programs on a national scale”. This is written under the sub-heading What can government do better than anyone else? It is later stated that “only the NPS can send a national message that closing the diversity gap is a national priority”. I agree that the NPS needs work in cultural heritage representation and are a well funded agency that can do great things at a national scale. However, does this suggest that the NPS cultural heritage sites are any more important than regional or local one? Also why is the NPS the ONLY agency that can carry out this goal on a national level and do it better than anyone else?


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