Managing The Management of Change

It is a dogmatic concept that preservation is not stopping change, but managing it. Therefore, preservationists must always be looking to the future and must be on the forefront of socio-economic communal changes in order for preservationists to effectively do their jobs. How is the role of the preservationist going to evolve through the course of time, and confront new attitudes not just on architectural styles, but on heritage as a whole? Moreover, how can preservationists manage each other to find congruence in the work they do? More so than managing the change of physical infrastructure, how do preservationists manage change within the field? As Kaufman writes in “Place, Race and Story”, preservation has a strong tendency to support and add to white upper class heritage. With current policy incentives, how can preservationists turn this around to be more universally focused in order to incorporate the broader American history?


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