Before it gets too ‘Gentrified’…

Reading the book “A Neighborhood that Never Changes” and I’m wondering if there is a point, before we label a place with the negative term ‘gentrified’ where the area is becoming more diversified and the economy is booming and long time local’s aren’t yet being forced out of the area, if there is a name for this type of place?  The term gentrification is teeming with negativity yet, as the author of this book attests, the majority of the gentrifiers that she has interviewed actively work to prevent the area from losing it’s innate character and charm (she calls them Social Preservationists).  It’s seems to me that a place can be diverse and thriving and not fear this negative label.  Sure, it might be a slippery slope, but we can’t expect people to only want to live in places that their ancestors lived, especially in the 21st century.  Places cannot simply be ‘gentrified’ or not, can they?  If so, can we counter-gentrify suburbia (please)?


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