Week 3 Question

The development of Landscape Archaeology as a field is another segment of the story of our contemporaneous notions of Cultural Landscape. Groth & Wilson’s summary of this idea’s development, Archaeology could be another useful waypoint.  As I brought up in the first week of class, with the question of delimiting a site’s heritage by including sites beyond it, the question becomes where do we stop a site. Many Landscape Archaeologists, like Penn’s landscape archaeology pionner Clark Erickson, don’t conceptualise sites. Some  of these approaches to the material history archaeology become extensively webbed through the delimiting sites. Nevertheless, every subject needs to be bounded to be knowable, even though that bound can never be accurately representative of the reality itself. The spoken about thing , that which to we refer, is never the thing. We speak, research, read, and write in allegory. If our epistemological categorisations are simply practical attempts to understand and communicate about the world, is heritage conservation a practise of taxonomical quandaries?


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