Beware the ides of March (Week 2 Question)

In comparison to the Roman aqueducts, our Dams, Nuclear power plants, power grids, wind turbines, etc. have come a long way technologically speaking. Chusid explains that the Romans valued their aqueducts because they were functional- the aqueducts brought water- and symbolized the skill, power, and greatness of the Roman Empire. Do we value our modern day equivalent systems for their functionality and visual representation of the power and glory of our “empire”? Are we not more distanced physically and mentally from these industrial systems, in part because in some cases, like Nuclear Power Plants, they are actually dangerous to our well-being, but also because we have become so accustomed to them, we hardly think of them. We try to preserve the remnants of ancient industrial landscapes but how about the industrial landscapes of our own time?


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