Carolyn- Week 2 Question

In the Change Over Time Climate Change & Resiliency issue, Ursula McClure’s article discusses documentation of the Gulf Coast’s Fort Proctor, a vacant stone tower threatened by sea level rise and ongoing salt damage. Liz Sargent and Deborah Slaton consider climate change in Portsmouth Village, an abandoned village in North Carolina’s shifting barrier islands. Both articles suggest that technology will play a major role in documenting these threatened resources (with 3D imaging mentioned in both articles as a means of “replacing” buildings that will be lost). However, neither of these sites are occupied. What are preservationists’ obligations to living historic communities that are drastically threatened by climate change, such as Virginia’s Tangier Island? Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the watermen’s township of Tangier Island is comprised of 740 acres, down from over 2,000 in the 1800s. Only “83 acres are habitable,” and within the next century, there’s a chance the island may go underwater. (


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