Why do we preserve?

Preservation demonstrates care for those things and people in history that came before us, and those that will come after. Preservation encourages citizen vigilance and encourages us to become active in our future and what makes it there. When thinking of preservation, the biggest question other than what preservation is would be why we preserve. Or even how. We preserve for various reasons including: sentimentality/emotional reasons, to accommodate future research, historical integrity, to repair and not replace, and even economic reasons. The list could go on! Another reason we preserve is for record of significance. What the structure means versus what it is or culture versus history. It can be said that the reason why each person chooses the field of preservation is different depending on who you ask. This raises the question of statistics and preservation. How many nominations have been denied, out of those that have been submitted for designation? Who do you have to be to submit a nomination? Or more importantly, what is the most common reason why we preserve?

i would argue economic reasons is the main motivation for why we preserve There are so many government acts and laws set in place to protect and control preservation. Even when looking back on the history of preservation and tourism it could be said that bringing people to the places they happen increases revenue for the city. They come to visit and must stay somewhere, they have to eat and people usually have fun while on vacation. A recent class on Preservation and Economics shed more light on how much Economics has to do with preservation. What do you think is the main reason and why? I would love to discuss!


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