Once upon a time a HERITAGE

Living in an ancient part of the world, some place that still has a great relationship with its ancient civilization made me to believe that all my valuable historical memories are an important part and just the essence of my entire life. No matter what will happen they are always alive and will stay alive.

Living in an ancient country had many other aspects, more active, more effective, and very real. I was just a kid (as little as a baby) when I experienced the first big war in my life, and I was a nine years old girl when they stopped the war. But the very first time that I heartily understood that war is not a part of our daily life and it does not happen every day, was many years later. The war was stopped in this very place, but it was just started in my neighborhood. War was every where and is still every where, in the heart of the birth place of human civilization.

The birth place of human civilization, is a place that belongs to every individual, its characteristic goes beyond the nations, races, languages, and etc. all humankind have roots in it, and will find many common memories in there. This is the place that belongs to all.

Just thirty years ago, not very long ago, some people were talking to make separation between different religious historical eras in Iran and decide to ever which one should be kept and protected, and which should be demolished! Fortunately they were stopped in this time.

Some years later, March 2001, Afghanistan, The Buddhas of Bamiyan, were DYNAMITED and DESTROYED by the Taliban, on orders from leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, after the Taliban government declared that they were IDOLS.

Not very late after that, 2014, Iraq, ISI occupied the Mosul Museum, and one year later, at Feb. 2015, they destroyed many historical artifacts in the museum. This Terrorist group, threated that will destroy the archaeological site at Nimrud, claiming the sites promoted “Idolatry“, they also threated to destroy the historic wall of Nineveh.

In the same year, 23 May 2015, Syria, Palmyra, According to eyewitnesses, the militants destroyed the Lion of Al-lāt and other statues. The militant group destroyed the temple of Baalshamin on 23 August 2015 according to Abdulkarim and activists while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the destruction took place one month earlier. The Syrian Observatory announced that on 30 August 2015, ISIL destroyed the temple of Bel; according to eye-witnesses, only the exterior walls remain. On 31 August 2015, the United Nations confirmed the temple was destroyed. It became known on 4 September 2015 that ISIL had destroyed three of the best preserved tower tombs including the Tower of Elahbel.

In the same time, 18 August 2015, the Syrian Archeologist, Khaled Mohamad al-Asaad, was executed in Tadmur by ISI.

And now what is the next step? What is the human right for his heritage? What is the global meaning of the heritage?

Once upon a time, the Middle East, the birth place of human civilization, was a humankind heritage. A very valuable memory for every single individual, who had lived, who is living, and who will live on the earth.

(Source: Wikipedia)


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